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To confront global poverty, we must bring to light the issues that fuel it. Then we can address how—and where—to make a difference. Take a look at the root causes of poverty and how you can respond to it.

Our Common Home, Our Common Mission

At Catholic Relief Services, it’s in our nature to see a picture of hope daily throughout the world. We help 85 million people in more than 100 countries find a path to prosperity through protecting our common home and being connected by one common mission.

Unaccompanied Minors: Help Youth Thrive In Their Communities

The surge of Central American children arriving in the United States is due to increased violence in the region. Poverty, corruption and the desire to reunite with families makes taking the dangerous trek north the only source of hope for these children. Catholic Relief Services works with these at-risk-youth to help them thrive in their own communities.

Cuts cost lives

U.S. poverty-focused international assistance saves lives worldwide. But some in Congress propose significant cuts to this lifesaving aid to address our nation’s deficit even though it makes up less than 1% of the U.S. budget.

CCGP: This Is What Solidarity Looks Like

Catholics Confront Global Poverty (CCGP) is a joint initiative between CRS and the USCCB that seeks to engage one million Catholics in praying, learning and taking action against global poverty.

Sudan: ‘Never Again’ Starts Now

If you could help keep southern Sudan from becoming the center of the next unthinkable humanitarian catastrophe, what would you do? CRS and the Church are convinced that today, southern Sudan presents a rare opportunity to relieve staggering human suffering before it happens.

Bishop Hubbard’s Invitation to Confront Global Poverty

Bishop Howard Hubbard invites you to become one of a million Catholics working to confront global poverty. In the video, Bishop Hubbard challenges listeners to enter into a relationship of solidarity with all those living in poverty, and to advocate for a world where the life and dignity of all can be respected.

Debt Relief

Many developing countries still suffer from debt burdens that divert important funding away from health, education, and other programs necessary for the well-being of their peoples.

Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding

Poverty creates the conditions for violence, while conflict increases poverty. In this video, Steve Colecchi, Director of International Justice and Peace at USCCB, shares how the Church is working both to help end current conflicts and aid their victims, and to create the conditions of justice needed for a more peaceful world.

Global Climate Change

We are called to be stewards of God’s creation, working to protect the environment with which we have been entrusted. Cecilia Calvo, Project Coordinator for Environmental Justice/Climate Change at USCCB, shares the distinctively Catholic perspective on climate change, which involves protecting both the environment and the poor persons who are often the worst victims of climate change even though they contribute to its causes the least. She also invites all Catholics to get involved in a new and exciting initiative.


The Catholic Church’s teaching on migration is based on its commitment to promote and defend human dignity and to devote particular attention to those who are most vulnerable. In this video, Mary DeLorey, Strategic Issues Advisor-Latin America/Caribbean Region for CRS, focuses on the conditions that causemany people to be forced to migrate, and on how we, as Catholics, can respond justly to those immigrants already in the United States.

Food Security & Hunger

Take a journey with communities in Niger, Africa who are addressing hunger and nutrition with the help of CRS programs made possible by the U.S. Farm Bill and U.S. food aid.

Natural Resources

Many developing countries have an abundance of natural resources like oil, diamonds, and lumber. Unfortunately, the benefits of exploiting these resources do not often reach the impoverished local populations in the communities surrounding resource-rich areas. Rees Warne, Strategic Issues Advisor on Extractives at CRS, talks about how we are all connected to those who make the products we use—and how Catholics can act in solidarity to make sure that natural resources are used in a more responsible way.

International Assistance

International assistance helps people live lives worthy of their dignity as human beings, made in God’s image and likeness. Bill O’Keefe, Director of Policy and Advocacy at Catholic Relief Services, talks about how Catholics can work to improve and increase international assistance, so that children of God across the world can lift themselves out of poverty.

Global Trade and Agricultural Policies

In the Church’s vision, economic life should be guided by a moral framework that respects the life and dignity of every person. In this video, Fr. Andrew Small, Policy Advisor for Latin America and Global Trade at USCCB, explains how trade and agricultural policies sometimes fall short of this vision—and what Catholics can do about it.