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Tools & Resources

Our Baptismal call to discipleship asks us to understand causes of global poverty and take action. These tools and resources can help you become involved and engage others to answer God’s call.


Prayer & Spirituality

As Catholics we start and end with prayer. Prayer grounds our effort to confront global poverty in the context of our faith. It puts us in postures of discernment and listening. It invigorates, inspires and engages us, and it roots us in the fact that the work of God’s justice is collective. It reminds us that our small work is part of God’s larger work.

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The key to confronting a problem? Understanding it. Learn about the issues that are the causes and solutions of global poverty. Here are some resources that can get you and your community started:

Examine Church teaching on global poverty >

Watch videos to learn more about global poverty issues >

Check out news and events > 


As citizens and voters and as parishioners, students, teachers, clergy and community leaders, you have the power to change the fate of people experiencing global poverty. With your actions as individuals and together as a community of faith, we can confront global poverty and improve the lives of our brothers and sisters around the world.

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It takes all of us together to make a difference. Let your friends and family know about Catholics Confront Global Poverty and how they can make a difference in the lives of our brothers and sisters worldwide. Help promote CCGP now >