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CRS Welcomes President’s Announcement to Halt Deportations, Calls It a Short-Term Fix

November 21, 2014 — By deferring the deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants, President Obama has provided much-needed humanitarian relief to families; yet it is only a short-term solution. If the conditions in countries of origin do not change, children and families will continue to flee.  Read the full story here.

Beyond the Headlines: CRS Gaza Program Manager Jessica Howell Reflects on Working in the Holy Land

There are parts of the Gaza Strip that seem almost ordinary. Children play outside, honking cars fill the streets and fresh-baked bread is everywhere. But you don’t have to go far to see the scars from a summer of violence. Every few blocks, a house or storefront has been destroyed. Piles of rubble are everywhere and mosques lie in ruin. In some areas, entire neighborhoods have been wiped out. Although conflict is not new to this region, the latest round of violence last summer between Israel and Palestinian militants was particularly devastating. The death toll in Gaza exceeded 2,000 Palestinians, mostly civilians, with thousands more injured and more than 500,000 displaced.

Go with us beyond the headlines to learn more about the people living in the Holy Land and meet one of our staff working in Gaza, Jessica Howell. You’ll be amazed and inspired by what your Church is doing to help so many of our brothers and sisters in need.

What’s Next for Congress?

Soon enough the midterm elections will be over and Congress will return to Washington, DC to finish up some important work before their session, the 113th, comes to a close. Throughout November and into December, you’re likely to hear the term “lame duck” thrown around quite a bit as newscasters describe this short session between midterm elections and December 31, 2014. Find out what this odd-sounding session of Congress is and how the actions Congress takes (or doesn’t take) could impact our brothers and sisters who are poor and vulnerable. Read More >>

Spotlight on CCGP Advocate Meredith Cook From New Hampshire

Meredith Cook, the Director of the Office of Public Policy This edition, we’re highlighting one of our all-star advocates in the Diocese of Manchester, New Hampshire. Catholic lobbyist. Basketball coach. Attorney. These words aptly describe Meredith Cook, the director of the Office of Public Policy and coordinator of Catholic Relief Services activities for the Diocese of Manchester, New Hampshire. Read more about the incredible advocacy work happening in New Hampshire thanks to Meredith and her team!