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Voices of FaithOn Sunday, March 8 the Vatican will celebrate International Women’s Day by hosting a very special event, Voice of Faith. This event honors and celebrates Catholic women of faith from around the globe who strive to connect with and care for our brothers and sisters who are poor and marginalized.  We invite you to learn more and watch a video from the live event.

Celebrating Success in 2014: You Helped Make This Possible

Celebrating Success in 2014Thanks to you, we have so many advocacy accomplishments to celebrate in 2014! Through Catholics Confront Global Poverty, you helped alleviate suffering and advanced the common good. Your phone calls, emails, letters, and personal visits to your members of Congress made a difference when it came time for Congress to act. Take a moment to pause and reflect on the multitude of ways you confronted global poverty in 2014. Read More >>

Up Next: Accelerating Our Efforts to Confront Global Poverty in 2015

Spurred on by our uplifting and successful work in 2014, there’s no way we can take our foot off the gas pedal now! In fact, we want to accelerate our efforts to confront global poverty in 2015. So buckle up, there’s no time to waste! Our brothers and sisters affected by violence and living in poverty cannot wait any longer. Our team working on Capitol Hill is ready for action as the new session of Congress is well underway. Despite political divisions in Washington, D.C., we’ll continue to advocate for bipartisan support to help our brothers and sisters in need.  Read More >>

Get Ready for Lent: 40 Years of Commitment, 40 Days of Devotion, 40 Dollars to Change a Life

40 Years of Commitment, 40 Days of Devotion, 40 Dollars to Change a Life In 1974, parishioners in the diocese of Allentown, Pennsylvania, decided to do something about famine in Africa. Was it possible to feed the hungry through Lenten prayers, fasting and almsgiving? The answer was yes—and it came in the form of a small cardboard box under the name of Operation Rice Bowl. Forty years later, CRS Rice Bowl continues to support our brothers and sisters in need each Lent. More than 13,000 faith communities across the United States engage in prayer, fasting and giving to help change the lives of others. See what’s in store for 2015 and get ready to start your Lenten journey! Read More >>

CCGP Spotlight: Jean Hill from the Diocese of Salt Lake City, Utah

Jean Hill Jean Hill doesn’t miss a beat. As the director of the Peace and Justice Ministry in the Diocese of Salt Lake City, Utah, her role encompasses education, outreach, and legislative policy work. Despite her busy schedule, you’ll find her live tweeting from a legislative meeting, posting news from the diocesan Prayer & Action Network, and raising awareness about gun violence to further spread the good work of the Church and to stay current. She’s a powerhouse in the great state of Utah, and we’re honored to work with her to confront global poverty. Read More >>