What is Advocacy?

Advocacy at CRSAdvocacy is the act or process of supporting a cause or proposal. It includes various strategies that influence decision making at local, national and international levels. It is generally organized around the resolution of a problem. Advocacy can include using multimedia to form public opinion, educating decision makers, organizing public events, researching issues and creating coalitions.

Effective advocacy requires an understanding of the problem or issue, solid analysis of the political environment and a coherent proposal for its solution. Advocacy encompasses the education and mobilization of citizens, so they can become involved in developing and promoting policies they care about.


Through Catholics Confront Global Poverty, we encourage Catholics in the United States and others of good will to learn more about policy issues affecting our brothers and sisters around the world. This means advocating for changes in existing unjust policies and the creation of new policies that benefit the common good.

Advocacy is one of the most effective ways to ease human suffering and confront global poverty. When an unjust policy or system is changed because of our advocacy efforts, millions of people win.

Join us as we confront global poverty by lifting our voices and taking action!