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Share in the reality of families forced from their homes.

Every minute, nearly 20 people are forcibly displaced by conflict or persecution: terrorism and civil war, gang atrocities, drought, famine and disease. Dire situations across Africa, Asia, Central and South America drive innocent people to risk their lives and abandon all they have for unknown destinations and uncertain futures. Many die en route, become victims of trafficking and abuse – or both.

Share in their pursuit for a better life.

Fleeing violence means leaving quickly, abandoning homes and livelihoods, often with only the clothes on your back. Millions of families arrive in neighboring countries having lost loved ones, and without the support of money, contacts or the ability to speak the language. They need the most human essentials to get from one day to the next: food, a safe place to sleep, urgent medical assistance. As they await next steps, they need ongoing care and education for their children.

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As migrants and refugees wait for their fate to be determined, we cannot. Our faith calls us to love our neighbor by providing for our brothers’ and sisters’ basic needs. But their suffering won’t cease if war, poverty, environmental degradation and instability continue. As Catholics, we must work for peace and justice by imploring our leaders to lead the way with diplomatic solutions, humanitarian relief and development assistance.

Behind these statistics are people, each of them with… an inalienable dignity which is theirs as a child of God.


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Lift up your voice in support of refugee families! Contact your members of Congress today and urge them to protect lifesaving foreign aid in the final Fiscal Year 2019 appropriations bill.



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Why we advocate with people living in poverty every day.

Poverty and Migration

The South Sudan refugee crisis is the fastest growing in the world. Uganda, its southern neighbor, now hosts more than 1 million South Sudanese refugees fleeing the ongoing violence between their country’s government and opposition forces. Most of the refugees are women and children.

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Poverty and Human Trafficking

Children who are refugees are more vulnerable to human trafficking, early marriage and forced labor. Providing opportunities for education is one way to reduce their risk of being trafficked.

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Poverty and Climate Change

Climate change impacts the lives of those most vulnerable and living in poverty in many ways. The increased temperatures can lead to droughts and famines. Severe weather patterns like hurricanes and flooding are causing destruction in communities, and leading to hunger and malnutrition.

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