Poverty and Hunger

Randa Abu Mustafa and her family live in one of the poorest areas of Khan Younis governorate in the Gaza Strip. Their home is just one small room with a bathroom they have to share with other relatives in the building. Randa’s husband has a mental illness, so she takes on the responsibility of raising their five children. The family has no source of income.

“We used to wait for days until we got something to eat,” Randa says. “We had to ask for food from my neighbors to feed my children, otherwise we would be on our own.”
In August 2018, CRS selected 760 families in south Gaza to receive e-vouchers to help them purchase food and other household items.

The program provides households with a debit-like card that is loaded with money at the beginning of each month. The amount of money provided depends on family size. Families can buy food or hygiene items that best meet their needs from shops close to their homes.

Randa was able to buy many basic food items in addition to diapers for her baby.

“The best thing in this program is that you gave us the freedom to buy what we need, whenever we want,” Randa says. “I bought shampoo, so my children will be clean.”

One of her children once asked her, “Mom, why couldn’t we have food like this before?” That can be a tough question for a mother to answer, but at least now she knows her children are cared for.

“This voucher has changed my life. I’m so happy. Now, I can cook for my children after long days of starving.”

Your Voice Making a Difference to Eliminate Hunger and Improve Nutrition: 

The issue of global hunger is complex with many underlying causes—conflict, environmental degradation and poverty.

This network across the country has been active in urging Congress to continue to protect critical food security programs overseas. As Congress continues conversations about our federal budget, our voices help to ensure that those who are hungry and malnourished in our one human family continue to be top of mind as we address the immediate needs of the humanitarian crises we face and the root causes of hunger.