Witness of the Church

During the second biennial Student Ambassador Leaders Together (SALT) summit, organized by CRS, students from over 50 colleges and universities across the United States gathered in Washington, DC to advocate for policy change on vital international humanitarian issues like global migration and hunger.

Since holding the first SALT summit in 2016, the number of participating schools has nearly doubled.

“We see our summit as a chance for young people with shared Catholic values to learn from each other and speak up about the many challenges facing our world today,” said Kim Lamberty of CRS. “We are proud to be bringing these important voices to Washington.”

Students were equally as enthusiastic about bringing their newly learned advocacy skills to Capitol Hill. “The one thing that everyone is excited about is the visit to DC,” said Eric Abowd, a graduate student from Kent State University attending his second SALT summit.” Sarah Rothenberger, a junior at Alvernia University said, “Our day in D.C. was my personal favorite as we were able to make our voices heard and learn valuable skills we can use in the future regarding advocacy.”

The SALT Summit is part of the CRS Student Ambassador program, which engages college students at CRS partner schools around the country in advocacy and leadership training. The program is organized through on-campus chapters of student leaders who are trained by CRS to mobilize their peers to hold events and seminars and engage in advocacy.

If you know university students who are interested in continuing to cultivate their leadership and advocacy skills, consider exploring the Young Leaders Initiative at the Catholic Social Ministry Gathering (February 2-5, 2019). It is an annual gathering of Catholic leaders to pray, connect, learn and advocate on issues impacting those who are vulnerable. Students who participate in the Youth Leaders Initiative join representatives from dozens of campuses who now participate in this gathering annually. Find out more here.