Action Center

Speak out to keep supply chains clean

Petition Congress to co-sponsor the Business Supply Chain Transparency on Trafficking and Slavery Act [House # H.R. 3226 and Senate S. 1968]

Urge Congress to help Syrian refugees

Robust funding for Syrian refugees, worldwide.
Welcoming more Syrian refugees to the U.S. Diplomatic solutions: cease-fires, serious negotiations, impartial humanitarian assistance, and encouraging inclusive societies in Syria and Iraq that protect the rights of all.

Call your members of Congress:

Help People Facing Hunger & Climate Change

If we don’t act now to help poor farmers adapt to climate change, we’ll see more hunger, malnutrition, and poverty around the world. This tragedy can be prevented, though. Urge Congress to take steps to tackle the challenges of climate change.


Be a part of Catholics Confront Global Poverty. Take action to protect the life and dignity of all of God’s people.