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Speak up for the 1% that does a world of good.

The Administration is proposing drastic cuts to the 1% of our nation’s budget that fights poverty and saves millions of lives. Urge Congress to protect poverty-focused international assistance.

Use Your Voice to Combat Human Trafficking

Pope Francis has called human trafficking “a crime against humanity.” Tell Congress to put an end to this modern day slavery.

Urge Congress to help Syrian refugees

The plight of Syrian refugees is great. As a nation, we must respond to Jesus’ call to “welcome the stranger” while also providing much needed aid. Ask Congress to support these people in this most desperate time of their lives.

Help People Facing Hunger & Climate Change

If we don’t act now to help poor farmers adapt to climate change, we’ll see more hunger, malnutrition, and poverty around the world. This tragedy can be prevented, though. Urge Congress to take steps to tackle the challenges of climate change.


Be a part of Catholics Confront Global Poverty. Take action to protect the life and dignity of all of God’s people.