Urgent Appeals

Syria’s escalating civil war has killed more than 100,000 people. Tragically, the death toll continues to rise. As a result, out of Syria and into neighboring countries more than 2 million refugees have fled. Half are children.


In our mission to address the root causes of poverty, we are working in neighboring countries to Surround Syrians with Support by providing assistance with housing, food and other basic necessities, as well as much-needed medical care and emergency relief. But we can’t do it effectively without you.


Conflict & Peace

Poverty creates the conditions for violence, while conflict increases poverty.


See how the Church is working both to help end current conflicts and aid their victims, and to create the conditions of justice needed for a more peaceful world.


Hunger & Nutrition

The right to food is a basic right because it is required to sustain life and to live a truly human existence.


As Catholics, our faith calls on us to ensure that we do everything we can to meet the basic needs of our brothers and sisters around the world, including the need for food.


International Assistance

International assistance helps people live lives worthy of their dignity as human beings, made in God’s image and likeness.


Learn how we as Catholics can work to improve and increase international assistance, so that children of God across the world can lift themselves out of poverty.


Natural Resources

Extracting natural resources leads to clashes for control of the wealth, driving out powerless people and pushing them even deeper into poverty.


As stewards of God’s creation, Catholics are called to address issues with extractive industries that subject the poorest countries to exploitation that is leaving ruin and even death in its wake.