Open Your Arms to Refugees

Open your eyes to the reality of the Syrian refugee crisis.

In December 2015, the number of people fleeing Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan for Europe surpassed one million, with 70% arriving in Greece. Their dire situation drives them to gamble their lives, taking the increasingly deadly sea route from Turkey. In 2015, some 2,000 Syrian refugees drowned in the Mediterranean attempting to reach European shores. Others have become victims of trafficking, subject to abuse en route, or both.

Open your hearts to their desperation.

Refugees are being stopped at European borders with nowhere to turn. Increasingly, Europe is closing its doors. The United States has only taken in 2,290 refugees since 2011, pledging to take in 10,000 refugees in 2016. For these refugees, returning to the violence and hardship they fled is unthinkable.

Open your hearts to help Syrian refugees.

As they wait, we cannot. Our faith calls us to answer their need for shelter, food, medicine and education. But their suffering won’t cease if war continues. As Catholics, we must work for peace by imploring our leaders to lead the way with diplomatic solutions to solve this global humanitarian crisis.

We must also urge our leaders to oppose the Administration’s proposed cuts to foreign aid. It’s only 1% of our nation’s budget, yet it does a world of good. The cuts would be devastating to the 65 million displaced people around the world who need our help more than ever.

Advocate for Syrian refugees living in camps, like this woman sitting outside a tent in Northern Syria. A Syrian refugee woman and her child smile at their home in Jordan.

Behind these statistics are people, each of them with… an inalienable dignity which is theirs as a child of God.

A young Syrian girl holds her parent's hand. Nearly half of all Syrian refugees are children.

Support Families By Extending TPS

Speak out on behalf of our brothers and sisters from Haiti, El Salvador, and Honduras who’ve come to the U.S. in search of safety and a dignified life.

Please contact your members of Congress today and urge them to keep families together by extending Temporary Protected Status for people from these countries.



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Be a part of Catholics Confront Global Poverty. Take action to protect the life and dignity of all of God’s people.


Why we advocate with people living in poverty every day.

Syrian migrants live in refugee camps, being forced to leave most of their possessions behind. A mother holds her baby. Human trafficking is a heinous crime that touches every country and people of all ages. A mother and her two sons sit on the bank of a shrinking river in Bangladesh.

Poverty and Syrian Refugees

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Syrian migrants wait in lines to receive essential items and goods. A young Indian girl reads a book. Pope Francis said For this farmer, drought has reduced his yield and the ability to feed his family and earn.

Poverty and Human Trafficking

Human trafficking makes modern-day slaves out of almost 21 million men, women and children. Each story is personal and heartbreaking, and our mission to prevent these crimes, rescue the victims and restore their lives can be an uphill battle.

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Syrian migrants, like this young man, are forced to flee home and move to croweded refugee camps. 21 million people, women, men and children are living in modern day slavery, as they have been trafficked. Farmers seek alternative means of income because of climate change. This woman leads her new livestock.

Poverty and Climate Change

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Speak out for the 1% of our nation’s budget that does a world of good.

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